DeepCool Announces The AK620 High Performance CPU Cooler

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14th September 2021, Beijing - DeepCool, a global brand and manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals for enthusiasts, announces today the AK620, its new high performance dual-tower CPU Cooler. Equipped with six copper heat pipes stacked with a dense dual-tower fin array and two 120 FDB fans, the AK620 is ready to cool the most demanding CPUs.




Unlocked Potential

The DeepCool AK620 High-Performance CPU Cooler debuts as a powerful and low-noise dual-tower CPU cooler featuring two 120mm fans for achieving outstanding cooling performance. A precision-machined convex base and six heat pipes that run along two high density fin-stacks help the AK620 outperform with 260W of heat dissipation power. Two DeepCool FT120 PWM fans with fluid dynamic bearings offer long-lasting and incredibly low-noise operation without sacrificing cooling potential.


Price and Availability

AK620 - MSRP: £59.99

Available in September 2021