Lantic release new GTX550 Ti 1GB GDDR5

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Complying with the raising of production yield of TSMC's 40nm process, video chipset's performance has been improved and NVIDIA accelerate the update rate of its product line. Today Lantic launch its GTX550 Ti 1GB GDDR5 - the newest addition to the GeForce® GTX 500 lineup - for increasing consumers' opportunity of selection.

The Lantic GTX550 Ti 1GB GDDR5 video card uses the NVIDIA 40nm process GF116 core, equipped with 192 CUDA stream processors and 32 texture units. It supports the DirectX 11 effects specification, Power of 3D Vision and PhysX and full HD hardware decoding technology. Lantic GTX550 Tis core frequency is 1040MHz, stream processor frequency is 1800MHz, and memory frequency is as high as 4400MHz; as for the output, its interface is equipped with the all-round combination of DVI/HDMI, supports dual monitor output, satisfies the displaying need of various types of users. 

About Lantic Technology

Lantic Technology is a developer of 3D graphics processing technology. By drawing on its extensive past experience in Europe and around the world, Lantic seeks to help consumers overcome bottlenecks in technology. The company offers consumers a comprehensive sales and distribution network that will, in the future, be backed by a complete sales and support network. Lantic develops custom products tailored to meet consumer requirements on quality, price and service. With Lantic products, consumers can expect the best user experience and product guarantees. The perfect balance between performance, quality, price and service is the goal of Lantic as well as the pursuit of extreme performance and overclockability. Only the best materials and latest technologies are used to deliver the highest cost-to-performance ratios. With 24-hour customer support and courier pick-up throughout Taiwan, Lantic insists on the highest standards every step of the way.