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November 02, 2017 - A global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI of Foxlink Group continues its award winning ways. To put icing on the cake, after winning the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award, it has now won the Japan Good Design 2017 award! Over four thousand products entered the design competition and to come through and win, it adds judges’ assurance and highlights the potential of the PQI product, pqireader! 

Established for 60 years, Japan’s Good Design Award has been the sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan. It is the most authoritative and influential design award in and around Asia. It has been dubbed “The Oscars of Asia Design” with emphasis on the people. PQI’s pqireader, an Apple-dedicated card reader coincides with that notion, designed-for-the-people. It offers great user experience and with a powerful proprietary application software that has a complete post editing function. The pqireader can also act as a bridge between iPhone / iPad and other devices (such as sports camera, unmanned aerial vehicle, dash camera, video camera, etc.) for video signal output. Just plug it in and you can access the devices’ recordings on your iPhone / iPad to edit your favorite videos (add music, subtitles, etc.) and you don’t even need internet access. Revive your long-overdue video and uploaded it onto your social media account to share with friends and family. Or, secure it using biometric scanners, via your fingerprint for ultimate data protection and privacy and users need not worry about forgetting their passwords. Through the quick backup button, you can backup up to 1000 photos in about 5 minutes and free up storage space. The button can also restore the photos back into the camera roll of your phone, convenient when changing to a new phone. The pqireader has multiple storage capacity variations to suit your storage needs and is certified by Apple, it offers users an excellent “cost-performance” ratio.

PQI’s pqireader will be on show at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub during November 1st to 5th along with other award winners. Please do come and see the design winners if you are in town!

About PQI

Established in Taiwan in 1997, PQI is a global leader in mobile peripheral and 4C solutions. Now a subsidiary of Foxlink group, through vertical/ lateral integration, PQI is now equipped with strong manufacturing and R&D capabilities that evolve with the market trend. Initially a DRAM module manufacturer, PQI has recently added Apple certified products, mobile power bank, mobile audio-visual equipment and biometric recognition system. PQI’s multidimensional product line now has Fingerprint, PQI iStorage, PQI Power, PQI Mobility, PQI Storage.

With worldwide offices in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and China, PQI uses keen insights to foresee market demands and with the focus of creating intelligent mobile technology, PQI hopes to provide users with rich, exciting and intelligent mobile experiences!

For the latest PQI news, please visit http://www.pqigroup.com