Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 (S40VA) now available

by Mark Tyson on 14 September 2021, 11:11

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Samsung has unveiled a new 24-inch monitor designed for the hybrid workforce. The new Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 (S40VA) features a built-in webcam, speakers, and microphone, so it is ready for collaborative sessions when you are. "We have designed this product with the new hybrid work environment in mind," explained Hyesung Ha, SVP of Visual Display Business at Samsung. "Thanks to the webcam at the top of the screen, users can join a video conference, take an online class or attend a virtual event all from the same monitor."

Before looking at the bread and butter monitor metrics, let us first turn our attention to the hybrid work accoutrements that Samsung reckons will make the S40VA a popular monitor. First, there is the webcam; a 2.0MP unit, which is situated in a pop-up bar that rises above the screen. Hopefully it has a good pre-set angle, as one wouldn't want to adjust ones monitor height/tilt or seating every time one makes a video/conference call. Next to the regular camera sensor, Samsung has integrated an IR camera for Windows Hello – providing all the advantages of this biometric security for efficient PC usage (e.g. unlock the PC in 2 seconds using facial recognition) to the PC on your desk.

The pop-up and down aspect of the design is good for hardware privacy, and this same section houses the microphone. The mic might not be disabled by being retracted, such is the nature of sound transmission, and as Samsung doesn't talk about this feature it is hard to be certain about it.

The last hybrid work addition is the more commonplace feature of built-in speakers. The S40VA features 2W dual stereo speakers, which should be sufficient for video conferencing and soaking up content from video clips etc.

A fully adjustable stand makes this monitor more acceptable for workplace deployment. Users can adjust the monitor height by as much as 120mm, tilt -3.0° ~ 22.0°, pivot, and swivel -45° ~ +45° the attached screen. If it is preferable, you can attach this screen to a VESA 100 mount. On the topic of ergonomics, the S40VA has Samsung's flicker-free, low blue light features.

Samsung has chosen a 24-inch FHD IPS flat screen for the Webcam Monitor S4. It looks pretty ordinary compared to some of the high-end gaming screens usually pondered over by HEXUS news and reviews. Its "colour vividness and clarity," is trumpeted by Samsung but its offers a max 250 nits, and 1000:1 contrast ratio and Samsung is quiet about colour gamut and accuracy.

It is slightly surprising to see Samsung highlight the "super smooth gameplay" via FreeSync, but it is basically a free tech feature for any modern monitor, as was including a 'Game Mode' setting via the OSD. However, dashing hybrid-work-gamer dreams, we observe the screen's 5ms G2G response time and max 75Hz refresh rate.

Samsung has equipped a pretty wide selection of ports here. As well as the usual/expected HDMI and DP ports, there is a D-Sub available (one of each). It is also pretty useful to have the USB hub built-in (1x USB 3.0 in – 2x USB 3.0 out). Remember that the USB connection also gives life to the webcam and mic setup, so you are saving connections/wire spaghetti here.

The new Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 (S40VA) is available now in the US, Europe, South Korea and South East Asia. For an idea about pricing, in South Korea it is priced at the equivalent of GBP£235 using today's exchange rates.

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Integrated camera = good - we've recently had to buy a lot of C920s for our office..and this sort of popup (for privacy) camera would be a nice addiditon!

However, why they put speakers and a mic on it I don't know - they never provide good results - its always a poor experience video calling someone or joining a meeting when they are using a speaker/mic combo rather than a headset…no matter how good teams has become at suppressing background noise.

We don't want to encourage such behaviour ;)

That aside, its been a while since i've seen a PC monitor with an integrated web cam and I think its a nice change to make given how we're likely to be working in the future!
Aaaaand they fall in the last paragraph.
All this needed was USB-c. One wire for a laptop to have power, video to the screen and connection for the camera and mic.
That would have been one cable, but instead this need 3 (power to laptop, usb and video to screen).