Kingston sends DDR5 OC memory modules to motherboard makers

by Mark Tyson on 7 May 2021, 11:11

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Kingston Technology has written to HEXUS to outline its DDR5 memory module progress thus far. In brief, the popular memory and flash storage firm has sent overclockable DDR5 modules to its motherboard partners. Kingston published a press release about this news on its website here. We have written previously about lower-volume players such as Team Group, Asgard and Lexar preparing modules of various speeds – getting them ready in time for Intel Alder Lake-S. Kingston might be described as being in a different league to those smaller firms, with "over 80 per cent market share," of the memory market.

Kingston expects its hardware partners to start work on qualification of their next-generation motherboards / memory platforms as soon as they receive the OC friendly DDR5 modules. Throughout its 33-year history, Kingston has forged close ties with the leading motherboard manufacturers and chipset makers and this process is how it gets high-performance and overclockable memory solutions ready for consumers when new platforms are launched.

With regard to the new DDR5 modules, Kingston says it has engineered them with a preset XMP profile but also enabled motherboard partners to manually adjust the power management integrated circuit (PMIC) beyond the standard 1.1V DDR5 spec. This flexibility will mean motherboard partners and their customers can benefit from maximum OC flexibility from product launch day. Kingston says it will start shipping its DDR5 solutions in Q3 this year.

Last but not least, Kingston wants to highlight its quality commitments. It says every IC on its memory module is 100 per cent tested, cell by cell. This process gives it confidence to provide consumers with lifetime warranties on its memory modules. We are also reminded that Kingston has been a lifetime member of JEDEC and has held a seat on the JEDEC board for over a decade.

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DDR5 + socket 1700. bring it on.
Good with waiting on next system DDR5 + Wichever highend GFX card can get next… Red or Green, does not matter.

I wonder when there will be any pure 4K GFX cards, that does not have to rely on AI crap and whatever to achieve above 120 FPS.
AI crap and whatever to achieve above 120 FPS.

I'd still use that ‘AI crap’ as it keeps things nice and cool/quiet.