Thecus goes for the kill with Firmware V5

by Navin Maini on 9 March 2011, 14:00

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If you're the owner of a Thecus NAS device and found that XXX didn't quite tickle your fancy, the company has prescribed further details about the roll-out of its Firmware V5.

A reorganised UI is the first thing that will strike you, with Thecus refining its AJAX GUI to deliver greater ease-of-use and access. Primarily, the focus here is to open up potential to a wide-range of users, whilst providing a more logical flow through tasks.

Support for the EXT4 file system and 3TB drives has filtered through to sweeten the new Piczza! photo server and ThecusShare functionality - the latter of which, allows access to media directly from an iPhone.

In the extension of a hand-of-friendship to its user community, Thecus Modules are now open-source and a performance boost isn't left out of the frame either, with claims of a 50 per cent speed increase using NetBench laid out to air as well.

If Firmware V5 has got you rather hot under the collar and you have an N4200, N4200PRO, N4200Eco, N7700PRO, N7700PLUS, N8800PRO or N8800PLUS in your possession, it is now available from the Thecus Download Centre.

Don't despair if you've not made the roll-call though, as Thecus tells us that updates for other models will follow soon.

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