QOTW: How are you getting on with your electric car?

by Parm Mann on 25 June 2021, 16:31

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An industry-wide shift to electric vehicles dictates that many HEXUS readers will be contemplating purchasing their first EV in the months and years ahead.

All the big names are now releasing purely electric models that are crammed with enough tech to convey a futuristic look and feel, and though I'm far from a car enthusiast, I can see the attraction. My current motor will almost certainly be the last to feature an internal combustion engine.

But the change won't come easy to everyone. Electric cars are fundamentally different and require users to revise the way in which they drive and maintain their vehicle. Charging obviously needs to be taken into consideration, there's typically more tech to confuse some users (my dear mum still struggles with climate control), and with no such thing as a manual electric car, a whole lot of folk are going to be making their first foray into an automatic.

Plenty to consider and what better way to get a grasp of what lies ahead than to hear from existing EV owners? If that's you, here's your chance to share some insight for those of us sat on the fence. We want to know what owning an EV car is really like - how much does it cost to charge, did the driving experience feel natural, is range a concern, etc. - and, ultimately, whether or not you're happy with your purchase. Let us know using the comments facility below.

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It never recovered since I cracked the chassis. One day I might get a new one from Tamiya..
My time with my Tesla SR+ recently came to an end after 4 months, the wife bloody hated the car, me not so much. Have temporarily gone back to an ICE car for 2 years until more chargers are available AND are actually working plus they improve the winter battery loss problems and the totally random guess-ometer that shows range. I wont go Tesla again tho, its a bit too far removed with everything being via the touchscreen (even opening a glovebox) and it is very sparten. Probably look at a EQA as I just moved to a GLA which is very comfortable and quality of the interior much higher
No Electric cars here, totally impractical as we live out in the sticks. but we do have 3 ebikes & a escooter.
No electric cars here either. Totally not worth buying a new car of any description right now, given our minimal lockdown mileage. On electric specifically, I'm still not convinced they're worth the price, given the range from the relatively modest priced ones, the price of those with a decent range between charges and the paucity of charging points. I'm far from convinced they make sense even in normal times for our typical usage, and at the moment, it's an utter non-starter, because our mileage just doesn't justify the outlay.
No electric car here too, for the same reasons seen above. No charging network and, we do little mileage. Our current, small Japanese, car is completely reliable and, despite being 15 years old, only has 65k miles on it. We've had it since new, so we know it's history. No point throwing away a reliable car.