QOTW: Can you build a gaming PC for less than an Xbox One?

by Parm Mann on 11 April 2014, 16:30


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Games console or PC? There's a never-ending debate over which is the best platform for gaming, but we think it's fair to say that if budget wasn't a real concern, you would always get more mileage from a high-end, custom-built PC.

However the proposition becomes more complicated when on a price-comparable playing field. Right now, the Xbox One - with Titanfall, a controller and Kinect - can be purchased for £349. So here's one for all you PC enthusiasts: we're asking the knowledgeable HEXUS readers to don their thinking caps and put together a similarly-priced PC spec that you think will be a better bet for gamers.

Less than £350 is what we're aiming for, and that needs to include all the essentials: CPU, motherboard, IGP/graphics card, memory, storage, power supply, chassis and operating system. Here's a rig we've quickly pieced together with Scan Computers, reckon you can do better? Post your build proposals using the comments facility below.

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That's a pretty good rig for the price. If you factor in the second hand parts market you can reduce price or maybe get better parts (provided they work) for the money. There's even an impressive selection of games available for Linux now, eliminating OS cost if you choose that. Do spare parts you have lying around count? :P Also, take into account that this PC would be much more versatile than the Xbox in terms of internet browsing and everyday computing.
I wonder if for that price you can build an equal poweful system ..
Looking at the system posted , i have no clue how it would perform . i am not sure about the 2 ghz cpu added , but that's because i am not fond about AMD cpu's myself
You might want to add a 3.5" to 2.5 bay converter for the drive you have listed as otherwise could be an issue with building it
Holy crap that's a lot of machine for £350, it wasn't long ago that £500 was the sort of price you were looking at for a decent gaming rig..and let's be honest, the real price here is £280…
reckon you can do better?

For one thing I'd make sure I had a real PSU, not whatever pile of spare capacitors CIT give away with their cases ;) I dont' have time to do a full build spec right now, and trying to squeeze Windows in there too will make it tight, but I'd probably start with an Athlon X4 760k, a cheap FM2 board, and some generic low speed RAM, and go from there. Will drop back with a full spec over the weekend if I have time ;)