QOTW: What excites you most about Xbox One?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 22 November 2013, 16:30

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You know what launched today, right? If, somehow, you've been living under a rock and don't know, Microsoft has released the Xbox One console here and overseas.

Beating the arch-rival PS4's arrival by a week on these shores, Microsoft is hoping that its supposedly superior multimedia experience will gloss over the fact that the graphics hardware isn't quite as strong as Sony's.

Also factor in the £80 premium over the PS4 and one could, quite legitimately, say that Microsoft is playing catch-up - especially after the self-imposed PR blunders by the Redmond outfit.

So as our friends across the pond wake up in anticipation of console deliveries, with some of you already in possession of the hardware, let's pose the question: what excites you most about the Xbox One?

Whether or not you've already got One, do let us know your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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The controller and am interested to see how the cloud/XBL processing comes into play.
XBOne isn't on my shopping list at all, and nothing excites me about it. To the contrary, in fact, I've already considered it and, as an existing XB360 owner, ruled it out.
Nothing. Both consoles are terrible given the fact that we have graphics cards available that can run games in 4K. They're horribly overpriced too. I'm super excited for the steambox