Google Chromebooks join the GeForce Now ecosystem

by Mark Tyson on 18 August 2020, 14:00


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Chromebook users can join millions of PC, Mac, Shield and Android users and play some of their favourite PC games leveraging GeForce performance via the cloud. Yes, Nvidia GeForce Now has launched on ChromeOS today.

Nvidia assures that getting started with GeForce Now on a Chromebook is very easy. No 'app' or download is required to get started - just head on over to and log in with your GeForce Now account. If you don't have a GeForce Now account yet you can signup via that link. Free memberships are available but Nvidia encourages paid 'Founders' subscribers with various offers. Right now it is touting a six-month Founders membership that includes a Hyper Scape Season One Battle Pass token and exclusive Hyper Scape in-game content for $24.95 (usual cost $64.94).

Chromebooks are typically lightweight, long battery life devices but Nvidia encourages anyone wishing to use GeForce Now on such a portable to pack a dedicated USB mouse. With a good enough internet connection Chromebook users armed with a mouse should be able to enjoy PC gaming pretty fully, with a choice of >650 games available instantly from connected PC stores like Steam, EGS and UPlay. If you don't already have an established library these stores include >70 of the most popular f2p games available.

GeForce Now currently supports advanced Nvidia tech such as Highlights and Freestyle, and soon the powerful in-game photography tool Ansel will arrive too. On the topic of updates, Nvidia encourages all GeForce Now users to tune in every Thursday when new Game Ready releases are announced for the platform.

Google Chromebooks are increasingly popular. During the Covid-19 pandemic laptop sales have been very strong and it seems that Chromebooks are particularly fast sellers. Thurrott recently reported that Chromebook sales surged 127 per cent YOY between March and June while laptop sales overall were up just 40 per cent in the US, according to NPD data. Of course, with these percentage increases, the respective starting points in sales numbers is very important. With regular laptops apparently in short supply, perhaps some opted for these usually cheaper Chromebook designs as stopgaps due to limited alternatives.

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weird as this is a direct competitor to their stadia product..
weird as this is a direct competitor to their stadia product..

Stadia is Google's product. Geforce Now is nVidias.
So, yes, they can compete and that is not weird.