Konami arcade racer to get PS3 outing. GTI Club gets facelift

by Steven Williamson on 20 August 2008, 17:15

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If you've ever played and enjoyed the GTI Club arcade game then you may be glad to hear that an updated and enhanced version of the title, named GTI Club+, will be released this November.

The original arcade game was released to huge acclaim in 1996 and was a fun and manic free-roaming racer featuring four styles of rally car and a unique handbrake feature for sharp turns. In this version it will retain the open element of the original, but has been totally reworked in every aspect. Running at 720p at 60fps, the new game has all the modes of its arcade forebear, but takes the race online, allowing up to eight people to compete simultaneously.

 GTI Club+ also allows the option to customise the various cars with bespoke paint jobs and decals. The original game’s four cars have also been expanded with a number of vintage and modern vehicles added to the roster.

In game, GTI Club+ also utilises a rear-view mirror for the in-car view, and a Sat Nav system to help traverse the open nature of the huge courses. Dizzying replays of key action, 5.1 sound including a remix of the coin-op’s music by Atjazz, and player-to-player voice comms also add to the camaraderie as players compete against each other. The game is also compatible with Sony’s Eye Toy HD, allowing users to see their rivals as they play.

With a full set of modes, including Free Run, Arcade and Bomb Tag, GTI Club+ sets a new standard for downloadable titles. Die-hard racers can test their mettle via worldwide rankings, while Konami is committed to expanding the game via regular downloads.

GTI Club+ will be released for PS3 via the PlayStation Store in November.

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I really liked the arcade original and have been a bit gutted since playing it a remake / sequel hasnt been made. Hopefully this will deliver like the arcade version did!