Review: Dodogo - DSiWare

by Steven Williamson on 3 May 2010, 10:45 4.25

Tags: DS, Children's

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Reviewer: Stephen Coleman

"Get ready for an adventure set in the time of the dinosaurs! Save as many Dodo eggs as possible by leading them to safety.

Get creative with easy tools: build dynamic structures and modify the terrain with a simple tap of the stylus. Shape, brush, saw, dig and even use explosives!

Over 100 captivating missions, with bonus levels for a change of pace, and lots of surprises to discover!"

Dodogo! is a game of action and strategy and a very cute one at that -- think Lemmings meets LocoRoco and you'll get a good idea of what's to come. Set in the Cretaceous period after a ferocious tidal wave has washed away the island home of the Dodo species, it's your task to locate and rescue all of those beloved little Dodo eggs.

The bouncy, smiley Dodo eggs, being fragile and not having any legs as such rely on you to guide them to safety across nearly 100 levels of inhospitable terrain, while avoiding obstacles, pits and even deadly predators. Controlling the eggs themselves is simply a case of starting and stopping them. This can be achieved by crossing the individual eggs with the stylus or even by shouting "stop" and "go" into the DSi microphone.

To get the eggs home safely, you'll need to manipulate the environment with a selection of tools from your trusty toolbox, whether it be digging with the spade to avoid a predator, placing springboards to propel your eggs to a previously unreachable ledge, or even blowing things apart with eggsplosives! Just don't go scrambling those cute little eggieweggies.

As you complete each level your performance will be graded adequately, based on time taken, eggs rescued and even their mood. Get every single one of your chirpy eggs home safely under par time and you'll be awarded the golden egg! This offers great incentive to go back and replay levels in order to improve on your score. Players can even enter their high scores via and compare them with other users from around the world.

As you go along you'll also unlock bonus stages in which you'll need to utilize your toolbox and guide a single crash-test egg back home, collecting goodies along the way. Upon completion of these stages you'll be rewarded with such things as Jokers, which allow you to skip a level you're stuck on and also cute little disguises for your eggs, adorable. These bonus stages are a very welcomed feature and proved to be a great deal of fun.

The soundtrack, albeit a little repetitive. is pretty catchy and the abstract yet stylish scenery goes hand in hand with the island themed surroundings and its inhabitants to produce a very unique and engaging experience.

The simple and thought provoking gameplay, intuitive control system, numerous levels and significant replay value, make Dodogo! a great addition to the DSiWare store.