QOTW: Which power supply is in your main PC?

by Parm Mann on 14 May 2021, 16:31

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The humble power supply may be one the least glamorous components of a PC, yet it also serves as one of the most important, and a good-quality supply can live long enough to be passed on to subsequent builds.

Pricing for brand-name units tends to range from £40 to £400, so there's no shortage of choice, and these days the look of the supply and the quality of its cabling can appeal to users wanting to keep things tidy.

We review our fair share of PSUs, yet we're curious to know what type of units are popular among our readers. For this week's question, we're asking: which power supply is in your main PC? Let us know using the comments facility below, and feel free to share any pros and cons you can think of.

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It's a Seasonic Focus GX 750W Power Supply, Full Modular, 80 Plus Gold.
I've had it about a year with no problems. It's my third Seasonic PSU. The one in my previous PC failed after 4 years, but they shipped me a warranty replacement really quickly and with no fuss.
My Ryzen 3 desktop (2200G) uses a PicoPSU. The PicoPSU is feed from a 20v/90W charger from an old laptop - which is voltage-downstepped to 12v ==> PicoPSU.

Uses 18 watt idle, 1.2 watt sleep - and up to 80 watt when playing games:WOT/GTA V - all measured at the plug / the wall.

PicoPSU=10 Euro. Voltage stepdown=5 Euro. Old 20V block/brick/charger was scrap anyhow.

The PC is totally silent !!
EVGA 750w Super Nova G2
EVGA 1000w Supernova G2.
Had it for ages and used in three builds, works awesome, does stuff, love it.

A bit more than I thought I'd ever need, but latest gen GPU power req's s suggest it might have been a fantastic investment after all!
An 80Plus Gold 650W EVGA, forgotten what model it is. It just works and keeps quiet about it, just as it should.