LogMeIn Rescue Adds Remote Support for iPad

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WOBURN, Mass., July 6, 2010 - Extending its focus on supporting mobile consumers and workers, LogMeIn, Inc. (NASDAQ: LOGM) unveiled a new release of its flagship remote support product, LogMeIn Rescue, to address the growing popularity of Apple's iPadTM.  The new release gives IT helpdesks and service providers the ability to remotely support an increasing number of iPads entering the workplace.  Initial features include the ability to remotely support iPad users using chat -- desirable for both end-users and large support organizations - as well as capabilities designed to ease common issues with email and calendar configuration.  The iPad support features are immediately available to new and existing customers as part of LogMeIn Rescue's mobile add-on, which also includes support for iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Symbian and Windows Mobile® devices.  A video demonstration of the new iPad support features in action is available at LogMeIn's YouTube channel.

With more than three million iPads sold in 80 days, the popular device and other tablet computers represent a new wave of consumer purchased mobile devices with potential work impact.  They also represent new implications for IT support of personally owned devices within the workplace, which, to date, has primarily centred around consumer purchased smartphones.  According to a recent survey from Forrester Research, more than half of all firms already support personally owned smartphones to a certain extent.

"From a business perspective, the iPad introduces an invaluable new tool for the mobile professional, but it also introduces support challenges that have become all too familiar to today's IT helpdesk," said Lee Jacobs, president and CEO of Manage IT Networks, a LogMeIn Rescue customer and an early example of businesses adopting the iPad for its own mobile workers.  The outsourced IT company with clients in states throughout the American southwest, has armed its technicians with iPads to better support clients while on the go.  The company is now looking at ways to help other businesses support the arrival of tablets into their IT environment.    

"As with the iPhone before it, the iPad will enter the business whether procured by IT, or, in many cases, simply brought into the work environment by employees who personally purchased the device," added Jacobs.  "Whatever your mobile policy, having the tools to support the iPad and consumer purchased mobile devices is rapidly becoming a must have for both internal and external IT organizations."

The new iPad features extend the list of devices and popular mobile operating systems supported by LogMeIn Rescue.  The remote support solution gives IT helpdesks and support staff the ability to remotely control and troubleshoot PCs and Macs, as well as Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices as part of an attended support session.  In addition to internal and external IT organizations, major service providers, ISVs, and five of the world's top ten mobile carriers use LogMeIn Rescue to provide support to their remote users and customers. 

"Our new iPad capabilities represent a key step in a mobile vision for Rescue that includes but goes well beyond great smartphone support.  As more and more types of internet-enabled devices enter the market, IT policies, skills and tools will have to evolve accordingly," said Lee Weiner, director of support products at LogMeIn.  "Our goal remains the same: Stay well ahead of this curve to ensure our clients have the solutions they need to meet their support challenges today and in the future."    

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LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) makes it easy to connect and access remote computing devices - desktops, laptops, point-of-sale systems, medical devices, smartphones and more - from any internet-connected computer, including an iPhoneTM, iPad, or in-dash computer of the Ford F-150 pick-up truck. Over 28 million registered users have connected more than 100 million devices using LogMeIn for business productivity, personal mobility and IT support. LogMeIn is based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, with offices in Australia, Hungary,the Netherlands, and the UK, and on the web at http://www.logmein.com/.