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proDAD's Video Effects & Stabilization Technologies Enhance the Creative Capabilities of Corel's Flagship Video Editing and Movie Making Application

San Francisco, CA, March 27th, 2012. proDAD, the highly acclaimed developer of digital video effects and image enhancement technologies today announced that Corel is including 3 video effects technologies from proDAD with its newly announced VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate consumer video editing software.  

VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate is Corel's top-shelf video editing and movie-making application for Windows® that delivers professional results at a consumer price-point.

The proDAD technologies with Corel VideoStudio X5 Ultimate include:

  • Mercali V2 Pro video stabilizer - Quickly becoming the industry standard post-capture video stabilizer and image enhancement plug-in.  Mercalli V2 uses industry-first 3-camera axis (X, Y, Z axis) stabilization for near-perfect results with minimal need to zoom in, right on the VideoStudio timeline.  Mercalli V2 Pro also includes automatic rolling-shutter compensation which corrects/improves skew, wobble, and jello caused by cameras using CMOS-type imaging sensors.  Fine-tuning options to get optimal results.
  • VitaScene V2 LE professional-grade effects - VitaScene is renowned for delivering stunning effects. Included in VideoStudio X5 Ultimate is the LE version of VitaScene V2, with over 100 stylish effects, which can be used as transitions or filters.  Fully GPU-optimized for super-fast rendering, too.
  • TravelRoute Designer (as Rotopen) - Directly embedded in VideoStudio Pro X5 is proDAD's new TravelRoute Designer; a title path animator which allows users to define the path the title will take within the video, with some very clever, very cool tricks.  Corel is the launch customer for this exciting new technology.

"We're very excited about VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate. It is unquestionably the most capable version of VideoStudio Pro ever, and that has a lot to do with our partners, like ProDAD," said Greg Wood, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Corel.  "The addition of these three bundled plug-ins from proDAD makes VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate an extremely powerful product and one that provides tremendous value for our customers."

"We're thrilled to once again be chosen by Corel to provide video effects technology for VideoStudio" said Andreas Huber, managing director for proDAD.  "With the inclusion of our latest video stabilizer, video effects, and new TravelRoute Designer, VideoStudio X5 Ultimate really is...ultimate."

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To learn more about Corel VideoStudio X5, please visit

To learn more about proDAD's award-winning digital video effects products and OEM solutions, please visit or send an email to

About proDAD:

proDAD develops and distributes innovative video effects solutions for creative video editing and multimedia applications. Founded in 1990, the company serves the international market with numerous renown, and award winning products including Adorage® and VitaScene® video effects products, Heroglyph® video titling, and Mercalli® video stabilization + rolling-shutter correction plug-ins.  proDAD cooperates, on the developmental level, with leading creative software developers including Adobe, Apple, AVID, COREL, Grass Valley, MAGIX, and Sony. proDAD's headquarters are situated in the southwestern German town of Immendingen, Germany, and maintains branch offices in the US and Japan.