Corel Announces New Corel Painter X Story Boarding Competition

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Press Release

Win a Wacom® Cintiq® 21UX worth over £1700 with Corel's Painter X story boarding competition, with 2 runner up prizes of a Limited Edition Corel Painter X can.

London, Maidenhead - 16 July 2007: Corel is delighted to announce a new Corel® Painter™ X story boarding competition utilising the world's most powerful painting and illustration software. Calling on all budding film artists, digital art enthusiasts and students, Corel would like you to show off your skills in the Corel Painter X storyboard competition for a chance to win a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

Corel Painter X is used in the film industry to create conceptual designs and story boards - i.e. visual 'comic strip' style representations of a section of a film to help directors, cinematographers and clients visualise a scene pre-production.

To enter this exciting new competition and have a chance to win amazing prizes, follow these simple steps:

1. Download your free 90-day trial version of the recently launched, award-winning Corel Painter X from

2. Select ONE of three great PDF story scripts from the above-mentioned website, download it to your computer and become familiar with its twists and turns

3. Using the script you have chosen and with your downloaded trial of Corel Painter X, you are now ready to start story boarding, so let your creativity run wild

4. When your work of art is complete and you are happy to reveal it, simply submit your entry using one of the methods suggested on the above-mentioned website

You will also find some really handy 'do's and don'ts', giving you useful advice on how to move from script to visual image. So, get story boarding on Corel Painter X today and enter our competition for your chance to win.

All entries must be received by Corel no later than Monday 22nd October 2007.

For full details on how to enter and terms and conditions, please visit