Intel Tiger Lake promotional video leaked on social media

by Mark Tyson on 1 September 2020, 11:11

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Well known Twitter leakster Walking Cat shared a cache of Intel Tiger Lake promotional videos this weekend. Usually better known for Windows leaks, the Twitterer has shared what appear to be official Intel videos about TGL architectural development, a processor tech showcase, and a partner device showcase - as well as associated videos from HP and Lenovo.

Above you can see what I have referred to as the TGL architectural development video. It shows Intel scientists and engineers working on TGL advancements from the drawing board, to lab, to manufacturing. Then we move onto advanced testing and optimisation and at 33s we are teased that the boost clocks of a 4C/8T sample reach 4.8GHz.

The TGL motherboard for thin and lights, 2-in-1s and tablets is shown as being a single sided design measuring 217 x 30mm (6,510mm2). We get to see a few more aspects of Intel's work before the processor is ready to ship and the video ends with the new Intel logo.

In mid-August we learned quite a lot of official details about Tiger Lake from the Intel Architecture Day 2020 webcast. You can recap what we know from that article. In brief, TGL will leverage Willow Cove cores and Xe-LP graphics as well as Intel's 10nm SuperFin architecture. Intel is teasing a double dose of performance upgrades here with 'significant' TGL SoC architectural tweaks plus SuperFin delivering the "largest intranode performance delta" ever.

We have already seen some impressive thin and light performance indications both leaked and official.

Intel and partners will showcase Tiger Lake technologies and devices tomorrow evening. The main event starts at 5pm UK time and Asus, for example, has a 'Built for Brilliance' partner event timed to start an hour later.

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-Hey, how we are going to get the reach with our advertisement?
-Hmmmm, maybe lets leak this as something confidential
-But this is just advert?!
-Tech sites will do the job if we leak it.

is this going to be another socket or will it use 1200? can;t see it being that much better than 10th gen.

is this going to be another socket or will it use 1200? can;t see it being that much better than 10th gen.

It's probably a new BGA layout, but as it's for laptops no-one could upgrade anyway ;)
ahh, didn't read properly did i lol
Such a BIG announcement… What a waste of time.