The World’s Largest Plasma is at the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show 2008!


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The World’s Largest Plasma is at the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show 2008!


This year’s Daily Mail Ideal Home Show is displaying the revolutionary 103” Panasonic Plasma in their bespoke ‘Dream House’, designed to showcase the very best in interior design. 

This year’s show integrates three life-size homes; The Dream House, The Guest House and the Eco House. The 103” Plasma is on display in the ‘Dream House’, which measures 5,500 square feet and would cost over 6 million pounds if the home was genuine.

The 103” Plasma features as the centrepiece of the contemporary mansion’s cinema room. As large as a queen-size bed, this breathtaking plasma display debuts as the biggest currently in production, offering the very best in superb motion picture and the powerful viewing impact of smooth, high-resolution moving images on a large screen.

The theme of the Ideal Home Show 2008 is ‘100 years of inspiration’, incorporating interiors and appliances from the last century until the present day. Basic home electronics such as the first commercial kettle are featuring at the show, marking different examples of early 1900’s domestic must haves, leading through to the present day with the cutting edge 103” Panasonic Plasma.

Both the Dream and Guest House are custom built houses that show a stunning example of the ultimate home in every respect. Created by designer and stylist Ann Broad, using only the very best luxury designer brands, the opulent home is nothing if not A- list.

With a £50,000 price tag, the mammoth Plasma is an expensive luxury, but with immaculate imagery on the grand scale this screen is worth every penny. The screen resolution is 1920x1080p and has over 2 million pixels, offering outstanding expressivity across the entire HDTV colour ranges in addition to superior tonal expression that produce crisper, richer blacks for an inspiring true to life image.

The stunning Full HD screen is the largest plasma currently in production and gives astounding image clarity on a huge scale. The highly sought after 103” Panasonic Plasma is available from specialist trade distributor PSCo for purchase and rental and will be on display in the Dream House as a permanent fixture throughout the show.

Managing Director of PSCo, Stuart Holmes, comments;

“The 103” Panasonic truly is the ultimate luxury in home cinema. The screen was developed for a multitude of environments, but one of the key markets that the 103” has achieved overwhelming success in is home cinema. We are thrilled that the 103” has been selected to feature as the focal point of the Dream House cinema room.”