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by Steven Williamson on 1 August 2011, 10:40

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The 11th edition of Electronic Art’s football management simulation will include features inspired and determined by the community, in addition to a full feature set and game modes with more than 700 improvements, when the game launches this autumn.

FIFA Manager 12 was driven by an online campaign dubbed “Your Feature” which asked the community what content they wanted to see in this year’s iteration. Features created by the community include, “Speeches Before The Match”, “European Cup Final Match”, “Open Trials for New Players”, new tutorial “Manager Challenges,” and an extension of the last 24 hours of the transfer market.

Those new features will be included in the latest game, as well as enhancements to the 3D mode, finances, transfers and the calendar. Changes to the 3D mode include new logic, new player artificial intelligence, and marked improvements to tactics, substitutions and the conduct of opposing managers. In addition, a new user interface makes it possible for players to retrieve all the data relevant to the game within seconds and to issue precise tactical instructions to their teams.

The financial mode will also now see on-the-pitch success impacting revenue, and realistic differences in revenue generated through shirt sponsors between clubs. In the transfer section, managers can now field players in trial training and in real matches. Managers can also commission a detailed analysis of the squad so the team's weak points can be specifically eliminated. A whole range of new options will be available in the calendar, from the charity gala to direct friendly match queries, and training can once again be planned and implemented on a daily basis.

In the online arena its business as usual with all the features from previous years included. However, an extensive avatar editor, the option of creating fantasy leagues, and a large number of new statistics complete the game’s new look and feel.

“We were impressed by the passion these fans exhibited towards the game and the quality of the ideas generated. Working with the community helped us target more than 700 improvements that will make this the most authentic football management simulation we have ever produced,” said Gerald Köhler, lead designer of FIFA Manager 12.

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looks good will probably get havent bought one in a few years