LG unveils external Super Multi DVD Rewriter with laser label technology to the UK

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It’s simple, burn your music, video or photos - flip the disc and burn your own unique label!

LG Electronics, one of the largest Optical Storage manufacturers in the world and leading supplier of drives introduces the latest addition to its groundbreaking Super Multi optical drive range, the external LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Lightscribe Direct Disc Labelling technology (the GSA-2166D).

The Lightscribe technology produces professional-looking labels using the same laser that burns data inside the new LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter, enabling the user to print out any design on the front side of a disc.

LG’s new, portable, stylish black and white Super Multi Rewriter with Lightscribe technology gives users the ability to read or write in all three DVD formats - DVD +R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM with DVD +R/RW and DVD –R/RW writing at up to 16x speeds. Equipped with the latest -R 4x Dual Layer and +R 8x Double Layer writing technology, LG’s new DVD Rewriter offers a standard level of data storage at an 8.5 GB capacity.

LG’s Optical drive offerings, which include internal, external and slim drives for notebooks, have the fastest multi-format reading/writing abilities available on the market today. LG UK has won in total an impressive 10 DVD Rewriter PC press awards so far in 2005, including, PC Advisor’s Gold Award and PC Plus’ Editor’s Choice Award.

LG was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a multi-format reader/writer to the marketplace and it continues to propel technology forward, introducing “industry first” innovative and premium optical storage drives to its product line-up.

The external Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Lightscribe (GSA-2166D) is available from September (2005). Retailers have indicated to LG that the GSA-2166D will sell for a price, in the region of £129.99.