Lite-On offers DVD burner with a twist

by James Smith on 4 June 2009, 09:27

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Remember Lite-On? The company used to be omnipotent in the storage market a few years ago. It's still going strong, and we though it rude not to pop on by at COMPUTEX '09.

Available in blue, black, white and red, The eTDU108 is the company's latest external DVD-ROM drive, and utilises a flip-top design unlike most other drives on the market. Looks kind of cool, huh?

Launched along with its latest DVD-Writer model, the iHAS524 incorporates an innovative label-writing technology called LabelTag. LabelTag allows the writing of circular labels on the data side of a standard CD-R or DVD+/- R disc.

We will be looking at the Lite-On iHES208 8x internal Blu-ray reader and DVD-ROM writer combo in the near future, to see if it offers value at ~£150.


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Am I the only one who saw the comment out the dvd-rw drive below the cd jewel case and thought - thats cool - a clear DVD-RW drive…Then I looked again.
So bits of labelflash used?

Not really new is it, unless I'm missing something here!
£150. :laugh: gtfo
This isn't new - I had a CD drive which did it years ago:
It all looks very retro to me - and very expensive!!!