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25th June 2010, London, Cineworld is thrilled to announce it will be showing live 3D World Cup screenings at sites across the UK. The initiative gives fans the excitement of a group atmosphere whilst guaranteeing a seat with a perfect view of all the action.

If seeing the game on one of the biggest screens in the UK isn’t enough, 3D will provide supporters with a fully immersive experience with the very best picture and sound quality.

Whether it’s Rooney blasting a volley towards the back row or Ronaldo’s step-overs flying out from the screen, thousands of fans will be able to able to experience each game from the quarters, semis and final as if they were sitting in the stands.

Head of Cineworld Marketing Communications, Luke Roberts comments, “This is a fantastic result for Cineworld. Fans will be able to experience the tournament like never before. The atmosphere is going to be electric!” 

By 2012, all Cineworld’s cinema sites will be completely digital. Not only does this mean Cineworld will be able to show films in the highest quality on every one of their screens, they will also be able to show the latest events on more 3D screens than ever – including the next World Cup in Brazil!

Luke Roberts added, “Going to the cinema is no longer just about going to see a movie. Cineworld is committed to screening diverse content such as sports, theatrical productions and live music events. Excitingly, an ever-increasing number of these events are being filmed and screened in 3D. We look forward to bringing these dramatic experiences to fans all across the country.”   

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